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Touring Bikes

Touring Bike

General Description...

Touring bikes are designed to take you long distances, carrying most or all of what you need with you. They have lots of gears to get up the steepest pass, and good brakes to make sure you don't kill yourself coming down the other side. Mudguards keep road spray off you, and racks front and rear carry all your luggage. Some tourers look like road bikes, with drop handlebars to let you vary your riding position. Others look like mountain bikes, with straight handlebars for a more upright position
Modern Tourer

A variation is the fast tourer or Audax bike. Audax is a kind of day-long race, and these bikes are designed to carry all you need for a full day's riding, but not for a long-distance trek. They are faster than other tourers.
Audax Racing Tourer


For long distances, touring bikes are excellent. The riding position is quite aerodynamic, but not so much that you can't have a good look around.


For shorter or faster rides, touring bikes can be too well equipped. Mountain bikes are taking over from tourers as they are more durable on rough terrain.

Expect to Pay...

A genuine touring bike will likely cost you a minimum of £400, but the better ones, more suitable for long distance touring, will likely cost a minimum of £700.
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