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About WhyCycle?

The WhyCycle site was originally formulated back in 2000 because of the apparent lack of sound advice available to the average potential bike buyer or the newly converted bicycle user. We felt that, in general, a large proportion of the information available was either tainted with bias or loaded with marketing gobbledegook!
Our initial aim was to cut through the techno-babble surrounding bicycles and get to the core information, the very information that was necessary to make the right choices and decisions when purchasing a new bike. Simple, yet essential, information like how to know what size bike you needed, what the various different styles were really suitable for and, perhaps most importantly, how to avoid buying a bike that would fail to live up to expectations.
The aim of WhyCycle is to provide completely impartial advice - if you think we are not being impartial about anything, please let us know.

About The WhyCycle Group

The WhyCycle group itself consists of a small number of individuals who have each contributed toward the information that has been presented. The group ranges from individuals who own their own bike shops, people from the companies that import and manufacture the bicycles you can buy and others who work within the media side of the bicycle industry.
There are additional contributors who may frequent the FORUM and offer individual direct advice based upon unique circumstances. We make no restriction upon their contributions within the FORUM and contributors are allowed to name themselves and their respective company, although we do restrict the use of the FORUM for unsolicited commercial messages not in direct reply to any question posed within the area.

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The following companies and organisations have all granted permission to use their copyrighted images and information around the site;
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