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Folding Bikes

Folding Bike

General Description...

Folding bikes are designed to be easier to store and transport than normal bikes. You can fold them up to put them in the back of a car, store them in a closet, and take them by train or bus. Pictured above is a folder with a simple folding mechanism, but there are many different designs.

A sub-class of folding bikes is the separables. These don't actually fold, they disassemble into several pieces. The idea is still the same, though.

Generally speaking, fith a folding bike, one trades rideability for foldability or visa versa.

At one end of the scale are bikes designed for short journeys - they fold very well but don't feel quite like full-size bikes. They are perfect for commuting, as you can cycle to your nearest train station or bus stop, quickly fold them up, and put them behind your seat or in a luggage rack.

At the other end of the scale are bikes designed for longer distance riding. They are usually equipped with lots of luggage-carrying space, and ride very like a full-size bike. These are bikes you can happily ride all day, and are perfect for commuting longer distances or touring. They don't fold quite so quickly or as small, but are still a lot more compact and easy to store than a full-size bike.


You can put them almost anywhere. If you need to take a car, train or bus, they are a lot easier to transport. They are small enough that you can often take them into work with you, instead of leaving them outside to be stolen.


The small wheels can sometimes feel twitchy (although you do get used to this) and small wheels don't absorb so much vibration from the road (though many folders have suspension to counter this). It can take practice to be able to fold your bike easily.

Expect to Pay...

Basic folding bikes start from as little as £180, but you will find the best on sale for up to £5000!
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