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Cycling with Children... Bike Towbars

Bicycle Towbar

General Description...

A Tow Bar effectively converts a standard child bicycle into a trailer bike. The child may pedal or freewheel independently of the towing adult. The tow bar only hinges at the fixing position on the adults bike seat pillar and is rigidly fastened by means of a removable bracket to the head tube of the Childs cycle..

Whilst being towed the front wheel of the Childs cycle is raised away from the ground to prevent them from steering independently.

When your child is capable of riding, the tow bar can be unfastened and them allowed to ride independently from you.

Some models feature telescopic arms to enable them to be folded down more neatly out of the way when not in use.

Spares & accessories may be available for some models to allow the fitting of the towbar to more than one bike.

These products are generally limited to specific weight limits (varies per product) but in the whole are rated for up to 30kg (65lb) total weight (bike and rider).


Allows older children to be towed for portions of longer journeys.
Child can pedal as much or as little as they like whilst being towed.
Childs bike can be unhooked and them ride sections of the ride unaided.
Most children's' bikes are suitable for use with a tow bar (check suitability with your dealer) including 16", 20" and some 24" wheel bikes.
Buying additional tow bar hook-ups would allow you to tow 2 or more children one at time.
Cheaper overall than a trailer bike because it makes use of your Childs existing bike.


Not as rigid as a trailer bike.
Only one child can be towed at once.
Childs riding position is not as comfortable when being towed as a trailer bike riding position.
Cannot be used with a child cycle which does not have a rear freewheel.
Cannot be used at the same time as a rear mounted baby seat.
Unsuitable for use on some bikes because of the size of fittings; check suitability with a reputable dealer before buying.
Fiddly to fit.

Expect to Pay...

There are not many manufacturers or models for this type of product, prices around £70 - £90 are the norm.
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