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Cycling with Disability and for those with Special Needs.

This story was first published via our news pages. Cycling with disability is a specialist subject and is best left to those specialists.

Over to VeloVision!

Probably the most comprehensive coverage of cycling with disability ever to appear in a consumer cycling magazine has now been made freely available as a PDF download.

The 8-page article, taken from Issue 11 of Velo Vision Magazine, is a comprehensive guide to the benefits of cycling, the types of bike and adaptation available, and includes a full listing of resources available for readers to find out more, get advice, or to have a go.

Now, it's available as a PDF file for free download from:
This download is being made available as a public service to help get people of all abilities onto bikes. Cycling can have huge advantages for those with disability: as well as physical benefits, it can also offer great independent mobility. And it's fantastic fun!

Unfortunately it's not always easy for people with disability who might benefit from cycling to find out how: we hope this will help.

The guide was compiled by Velo Vision editor and publisher Peter Eland, who has over a decade of experience in the specialised cycle field. He has brought together information on Special Needs cycles from around the world into this extended feature.

Although the contacts lists are biased towards the UK reader, most of the material is very relevant to readers in any country.
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